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History of coffee from Guatemala

The arrival of coffee in Guatemala has several possible dates but one of the most reliable is the mid-1700s when the Society of Jesus (Societas Jesu, SJ) leads to their gardens as an ornament the first coffee plants, of which the first seeds that initiate crops in Antigua Guatemala were taken. It is from here that many entrepreneurs start trading.

At this time Guatemala’s economy depended heavily on various products for textile uses such as Indigo or cochineal, which after being hit by a plague and an international commercial crisis forces the government to seek alternative crops and avoid dependence on a single market.To encourage interest in changing economic crops offer, the help for the first 4 producers who were able to overcome the production level of twenty thousand pounds of cultivated coffee and some more incentives.

The Government remained committed to change and supporting all the sectors involved, including aid the delivery of one million seedlings to small producers and also supports new projects in infrastructure and modernization of ports, roads and railway.This change has brought its first small successes in 1859 when its first export took place, which is done to the European continent with an estimated 383 bags of about 60 kilos each.  The following year triple exports were achieved and this was a moment which is considered as the beginning of the coffee industry in Guatemala.