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Premiun Coffee

100% Arabic

The trip to Guatemala is a trip back in time, with numerous volcanoes are witnesses to the rich traditions of the Maya and unique natural treasures. Volcanoes provide a wealth of nutrients in the soil in which the coffee is grown, offering us a cup full of history, tradition and taste.

It was here that, at temperatures of 15-25 deg. C, PREMIUM coffee is grown, often surrounded by volcanoes and unique views, while respecting the balance in the natural environment mountain ranges of Guatemala.

Coffee tree grow above 1460 m above sea level, where nature makes its miracles, allowing coffee fruits mature more slowly, and thus emphasize each of the features of premium coffee, which make it unique in the world. Its green coffee beans are characterized by features typical for coffee of the highest quality: grain is closed with a zig-zag groove in the middle, uneven surface and a bluish color.

Premium coffee is an aromatic drink with hints of caramel, fruit, flavored honey, with a prolonged aftertaste, pleasant and delicate fragrance, with a corresponding balanced acidity. Premium coffee has chocolate flavor with citrus notes, creamy texture and perfect balance.