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Special Coffee

100% Arabic

In the mountainous areas of Guatemala, our SPECIAL coffee is grown at an altitude of 1220 to 1370m above sea level. Coffee beans that present the characteristics for high-quality crops of upland: closed with a groove in a zigzag-shaped, with the characteristic blue-green color of the coffee before roasting. It is also unique because it collected in the traditional way: farmers based on the experience handed down from generation to pick the coffee by hand while making its selection and the same time.

Our beans come from certified farms to guarantee grain in perfect condition, grown in one region and in optimal conditions. We never mix the grains grown with different conditions and regions, as this has a direct impact on changing the basic properties of coffee, namely: aroma, flavor and acidity.

Thanks to upland cultivation the coffee gets unique flavors that are felt at the time of its grinding. The rich and original flavors derived from plants typical for the cultivation region, its balanced body and low acidity – all that allows us to enjoy a distinctive and aromatic coffee.

Top notes of chocolate – typical of coffees from upland cultivations – and very delicate citrus acidity, with the tradition of manually collecting, making SPECIAL coffee worthy representation of Guatemalan coffees in the world.